Tracer Snap – EFV IDs

Stop wasting time and money looking for lost tracer wires.

 Quick, Easy Installation (Prices start at $1.06)

 Dual EFV labeling and many other customization options available


We now have added a feature that clearly and easily identifies EFV installations – while protecting your Tracer Wires!

With the new Tracer Snap-EFV Identification System, gas companies no longer need costly, removable, secondary tagging to mark Excess Flow Valve installations. The EFV ID System is simple yet effective and is the perfect addition to the RAD® Tracer Snap.

The EFV ID system is an “optional” feature for our standard Tracer Snap. Our standard 6″ length Tracer Snap is (also available in six sizes) marked with specially formulated PVC black ink. Two bold and easily identified “EFV installed” imprints at either end ensures visibility above and below ground.

Customize your meter installation! We now offer a customization program for your Split Services and more! Please proceed to our Tracer Snap Customization page.


  • Priced extremely competitive
  • Constructed of weatherable rigid PVC/Acrylic alloy compound
  • Longlasting
  • Non-corrosive and weather resistant
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Smooth surface makes it resistant to contamination
  • Dual EFV labeling and many other customization options available
  • Fire Resistant and reusable

Patent number 7093858 plus other patents pending


Fits 3/4″ to 2 1/2″ O.D. (sch 40 pipe)



Tracer Snap w/EFV IDs 3/4″ TS34IDX6 1.0 6″
Tracer Snap w/EFV IDs 1″ TS1IDX6 1.30 6″
Tracer Snap w/EFV IDs 1-14″ TS125IDX6 1.66 6″
Tracer Snap w/EFV IDs 1-1/2″ TS150IDX6 2.00 6″
Tracer Snap    #     IDs 2″ TS2IDX6 2.40 6″
Tracer Snap   #      IDs 2 1/2″ TS250IDX6 2.88 6″


The Tracer Snap was designed with safety, functionality and simplicity as primary goals. The virgin grade extrusion material is from the PVC family and is fire resistant, smooth, rigid and highly resistant to moisture adhesion. The TS slick extruded interior surface does not entrap or hold moisture. The smooth surfaces encourages the liquid to leave from the pipe attachment.

In addition, the TS extrusions are not a perfect 300 degree encirclement of the riser surface.  Attached to the risers, the non-concentric characteristics of the Tracer Snap.

Coupled with the normal uneven surfaces of the gas riser and coating, it provides moisture escape routes to drain any voids between the Tracer Snap and the riser.

Moisture will not build up on risers unless foreign material is added to the setting.

We have sold many Tracer Snaps over the past 10 years and have not had “any” claims of moisture entrapment.