Have You Thought About Tracer Wire Installation?

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tracer wire installation

Have You Thought About Tracer Wire Installation?

Sewer systems and other piping units that run heavy amounts of water are more complex than the average person thinks. Those who take sewer lines for granted might not think much about responsibilities such as effective tracer wire installation. Those involved with major commercial construction projects most definitely do have to think about such things.

Without the presence of tracer wire, finding a sewer line or other pipe is going to be next to impossible. And do not assume that it takes 20 or so years for people to “forget” where the pipes and plumbing are.

Once pipes have been buried deep beneath a building, written plans are going to exist detailing where those pipes are. Unfortunately, trying to actually locate them when a problem arises is going to be extremely difficult unless you know precisely where the pipes have been placed.

Without tracer wire to guide repair technicians, this is going to be impossible.

Simply affixing tracer wire in a haphazard manner is not recommended at all. Only experts who understand the complexities of tracer wire installation should be trusted with such a task. Unless the wire is easy to find and easy to follow, repair crews are never going to be able to reach the plumbing without a lot of guesswork and a lot of unnecessary digging.

It should also go without saying that you must only install high grade tracer wire as well. Low grade wiring that breaks down over time too quickly or easily snaps from stress is going to be absolutely no help to the cause.

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