Natural Gas Meter Installation Requirements

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Natural Gas Meter Installation Requirements

For your natural gas meter installation, some very specific requirements need to be met. Depending on your local jurisdiction, there may be additional factors that can impact this process. It is important to speak with a local professional to ensure that any installation doesn’t violate any building codes. Some of the most common requirements include:

  • natural gas meter installation must be at least 3’ from fresh air intakes and openings
  • Should be placed 3’ from the property line
  • May not be closer than 3’ to windows, water spigots and ignition sources
  • Must be a considerable distance from traffic.
  • All regulators and relive valves should be in an area away from building openings and allow gas to freely escape.
  • Must be 10’ from septic tanks and wells

Additional requirements for the natural gas meter installation may also exist. They will be impacted by surrounding structures, such as government buildings. If you are unsure if you have any special requirements that need to be followed, it will pay to speak with a professional.

Companies that specialize in natural gas meter installation understand all local and state building codes and they can help to better guide you through this process. If there is a problem, they will begin to find a solution for you, allowing you to avoid a dangerous situation and potential fines and penalties.

While you need an expert to come out to help you with your installation, these professionals need to have the best meters around. One of the best choices available is Russell Sales Company. With more than 30 years of experience, they can ensure that your meters are the best in the industry. If you are interested, please call (800) 259-5679 for samples.